Registration Form – Second Lottery


There is a second random-number drawing (lottery) for the remaining homes that were not reserved in the first lottery held last year. In order to participate in the lottery, all faculty eligible to purchase a University Terrace home must complete and submit a registration form (interest list application). Faculty couples with dual eligibility may apply individually. Those first lottery participants who have reserved a single-family home are not eligible to participate in the second lottery. Those first lottery participants who have reserved a condominium home are eligible to participate in the second lottery if they are interested in a larger home. To find out what is available, call or visit the Information Center or go to the Interactive Map in The Community section of this website. All participants will be notified after the interest list application has been submitted and will receive a unique identifier. Interest List submissions are neither a guarantee of eligibility nor qualification to purchase. No priority will be given based on the timing of the submission. All entries will be verified by FSH and eligible participants will be notified when their application has been accepted. Applicants may withdraw from consideration prior to the lottery.

Registration for the interest list closed on May 19, 2017. The lottery results will be posted on May 26, 2017. More information regarding the purchase process is available here.

Lottery Results

1 UT002560399
2 UT002560396
3 UT002022365
4 UT002070337
5 UT002233386
6 UT002109398
7 UT002037342
8 UT002572348
9 UT002578394
10 UT002511369
11 UT002264355
12 UT002166345
13 UT002375339
14 UT002423343
15 UT002639370
16 UT002944395
17 UT002174359
18 UT001054331
19 UT002439368
20 UT002340341
21 UT002430389
22 UT002699349
23 UT002230350
24 UT002532390
25 UT002774402
26 UT002482363
27 UT002074346
28 UT002765366
29 UT002354352
30 UT002402384
31 UT002620362
32 UT002703347
33 UT002615391
34 UT002682357
35 UT002766401
36 UT002084358
37 UT002727385
38 UT002516388
39 UT002406382
40 UT002239392
41 UT002846344
42 UT002120378
43 UT001085335
44 UT002231380
45 UT002387393